Learning a new language means facing challenges.

And facing challenges means every scenario is possible – you may love the language, or hate it.

Speak Croatian blog has been inspired by obstacles that learners of Croatian encounter during their language trip. The goal of Speak Croatian blog is to have a closer look at these linguistic obstacles, put them in a clear context and offer a different point of view in understanding linguistic ambiguities.

The content of the Speak Croatian blog is divided into three categories, which can be found under the Categories section:

1) PERILS OF LANGUAGE lists different Croatian language problems and offers explanations to most frequently asked language questions.

2) PEARLS OF WISDOM suggests links to other interesting blogs and websites that deal with Croatian language and culture.

3) MISCELLANEOUS  offers information and general advice on language learning process.

I hope this blog will be a motivation to take new steps in learning Croatian, and help you with a better understanding of Croatian.

Welcome to  the story of Croatian pearls and perils!



  1. Marijana, thank you very much for the reply and insight. I am only starting to learn Croatian, but I had an intuition that these translators (like Google) were only setting me back. We are visiting Mali Lošinj next month, so I will do my best to learn some basic verbs, nouns and cases before then. I was hoping to build a list of some phrases that I will surely use (e.g. We are traveling to Mali Lošinj. I would like a glass of red wine, please. Where can I rent a bicycle? Etcetera) Do you know of an online translator that I could trust for a correct translation? Regards, Pavle.

    • Hi Pavle, sorry for a late reaction. I recommend you take a look at livemocha website, and memrise website for some free online Croatian lessons/vocabulary and phrases lists. Enjoy your stay in Croatia and good luck with learning! 🙂 Marijana

  2. Marijana… Google translate seems to treat the case of noun differently if an adjective is added to the phrase. For example, “Ušao sam u knjižnicu.” becomes “Ušao sam na velikoj knjižnici.” Is this correct?

    Hvala, Pavle
    Grand Marais, Minnesota

    • Bok Pavle, thank you for your comment. Google translate is wrong here. I will give you a few examples to illustrate the conditions which would trigger the case of a noun:

      a) I am entering a library. / I entered a library. = ULAZIM U KNJIŽNICU. / UŠAO SAM U KNJIŽNICU.
      b) I am in a library. / I was in a library. = JA SAM U KNJIŽNICI. / JA SAM BIO U KNJIŽNICI.

      The change of case of the noun ”library” is triggered by the verb. In example (a) dynamic verb is used (enter), with library being the final goal of the movement, therefore ACCUSATIVE is used.
      In example (b) static verb is used (be), which triggers the locative function of the noun ”library”, therefore the locative case is used.

      If you would add adjectives to the above mentioned examples, this is how the sentences would sound:

      1) I entered a big library. = UŠAO SAM U VELIKU KNJIŽNICU.
      2) I was in a big library. = BIO SAM U VELIKOJ KNJIŽNICI.

      The option Google translate is offering makes no sense. Preposition ”na” (on) in the context of library can only mean that there’s something happening ON TOP of the library (maybe on the roof), and would never be in a combination with the verb ”to enter”.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I hope this reply was helpful.

      Kind regards,


  3. This blog is really good and very helpful if you start to learn Croatian. The links are excellent. And I agree that you have to face challenges when learning a new language(like Croatian in this case) and you really need to want to learn it and you also need a lot of discipline and ambition. Once you start learning you have to keep it rolling because otherwise you are most unlikely to succeed. If you are in need of a Croatian translation use a translation agency.

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